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Wood has been a source of heat through the ages. Whether it is for cooking or for keeping warm and pretty much any wood will burn if the heat source is strong enough. We have however learned that some woods are better suited for specific purposes than others. Also some woods are not safe for preparing food as they may burn with a mild toxicity.

The best fire wood for warming your home

Red Saligna – This is a variant of Eucalytpus or as it is commonly known, Bluegum. Red Saligna burns with a strong flame and if properly seasoned will not burn out quickly. If you need to split logs to facilitate their burning, Red Saligna splits without too much trouble. Red Saligna or Bluegum are ideal for use in the home fireplace.

Wood for your braai

Sekelbos - South Africans pride themselves on being a nation of braaiers, and a Saturday afternoon around the fire socialising and cooking cuts of meat to perfection is an ideal way to spend time for many. Aromatic wood is usually the best for a braai as it adds a flavour to the meat that you can't shake out of a spice bottle. Sekelbos wood is perfectly suited for this purpose. As it burns it lends the air that distinct aroma the tells anyone in the vicinity that a braai is under way.


For ease of lighting a fire, kindling is welcome at a braai and in the home. Made up of twigs and small branches and occasionally of the pieces that splinter away when wood is chopped. Kindling is not any specific wood and burns away quickly enough to not make a difference to the end product; your fire. In order to make your fireplace experience a pleasure we recommend adding a bag of kindling to your order of firewood.

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