Firewood FAQ

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How to store firewood?

Firewood is best stored where it can not be reached by moisture. The best storage place for wood is under a roof and where this is not possible, raised from the ground and covered with a water resistant tarpaulin.

How to keep firewood dry?

Create a platform that will lift the firewood from the ground, preventing ground moisture from dampening the firewood. An old pallet makes an ideal platform for raising your store of firewood. Dry firewood or properly seasoned logs make the best fires.

What is a cord of firewood? Why don't we use it?

A cord of wood refers to the measurements of the stack of wood. It is a measurement that is chiefly used in the USA. A cord of wood commonly measures 4ft by 4ft by 8ft. Because measuring wood by the cord involves length it can happen that you receive a cord by measure but if you do not get a spread of the different types of logs you may end up with less than you bargained for and wood that may burn out quickly. We prefer to measure firewood in kilograms, a quarter ton of wood is a more definite measure. You can expect a quarter ton of firewood in your delivery.

Fire won't light?

Struggling to get your fire lit could be the result of a few things. Check that the flue on the chimney is open, fire needs air to burn and an open flue will supply as steady flow of air. Are your firewood and kindling sufficiently dry? Don't overload the fireplace, start small and build from there, too many logs will suffocate small flames.

Room filling with smoke?

Excessive smoke from a fire usually indicates a blocked chimney. If your firewood is not properly seasoned or still green you will be rewarded with a lot of smoke. Clean firewood, that is free from dust, spills from the storage space and similar is best. Anything stuck to the wood my cause smoke.

What is the best size firewood?

You want logs that are easily manageable and fit into your fireplace without you having to do any chopping. Preferably cut into the same lengths and already split, you should be able to comfortably manage the logs with one hand.

What does 'seasoned' mean?

The percentage of moisture present in firewood is referred as how seasoned it is. 20% moisture is the accepted moisture level of well seasoned wood. Seasoning is the process of leaving wood to lose moisture. Moisture content can be measured with specialised meters but as a general rule if wood feels to heavy for its size or smells freshly cut, it can be expected to contain a high level of moisture.

This type of wet wood lights with difficulty, if at all, and does not burn well, it also adds to the build-up of deposits in the chimney which can be highly combustible.

How does my chimney affect my fire?

A fire needs air and fuel to burn efficiently. Even if you have the perfectly seasoned firewood you will have trouble keeping your fire burning if the chimney is blocked or dirty. The chimney draws smoke away from the fire allowing it to feed on the fresh air that is drawn in. If the smoke is unable to escape it will smother the flame and fill the room. Chimney fires are common and usually occur when the maintenance of the chimney is neglected.

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