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We stock high quality firewood. Our firewood is dry, smokes very little, lights easily and we have next day delivery.

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Each load of Firewood is 25 bags of firewood. (Free delivery in Johannesburg). Note: we only take orders online and accept only payment by cash on delivery.

Buy your Firewood from a reliable source

At our aim is to source the best quality firewood and pass it on to you, our customer, saving you time, effort and money. Convenience is a priority.

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The firewood we keep in stock is from a responsible, reliable source and has been cured enough to provide you with a roaring fire that won't sputter out or be difficult to get going. Our firewood will burn properly for a suitable amount of time.

Types of Firewood that we stock

Although the variety of trees in South Africa means there is a large variety of wood on hand, time and experience has taught us that there are a few types of firewood which are ideal for the making of a fire.

Sekelbos – This wood is a favourite among South Africans because of the way its aroma compliments the meat being cooked on the braai.

Sekelbos Firewood
Sekelbos Firewood

Red Saligna – Slightly harder than sekelbos, with an even burn, Red Saligna is a staple when it comes to the fireplace.

Red Saligna Firewood
Red Saligna Firewood

Our Consistent Service

Because we make it our business to source quality firewood our supply is regularly topped up. When you call us to place your order our sales office will advise you on the availability of firewood and when you can expect to receive your order.

In our efforts to deliver the best possible service we have engaged a dedicated delivery team. Eager and reliable, our delivery team will ensure that your firewood is delivered to your home on time, keeping you informed of any eventualities that may occur.

Why use firewood to heat your home

What is Firewood

When properly managed, firewood is a natural, sustainable source of fuel for heating.

When not used for heating, firewood can also be used for cooking. Different types of firewood are better suited to different purposes. The most popular types of firewood and their allocation are Red Saligna for the fireplace because it burns well and produces little smoke, and aromatic Sekelbos for the braai because of the lovely smoky flavour it lends the meat.

Firewood that has a high moisture content will not light easily and the cooler flame will produce a lot of acrid smoke. On the other hand, firewood that is deprived of all moisture will burn rapidly and be ineffective as source of heat. Proper curing of firewood leaves just enough moisture to allow wood to burn hot and at a slower pace than dry wood.